A REST-Based Data Exchange Hub for Joslin Diabetes Center

The Joslin Diabetes Center’s (an affiliate of Harvard Medical) data hub was up & running almost instantly with Espresso” Bill Kuklinski, Director of Development, Joslin

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eCommerce Integration in a Week

“Traditionally it would take us months to deploy an API with our eCommerce customers. With Espresso, Kosmos eSync Hub can connect and sync data in less than a week.” Alex Skorohodov, CEO, Kosmos Central

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Transactional App – Agile Development in Days

“We came to Espresso for REST API but discovered the power of reactive with 25 simple rules as our complete app vs. 1,200 lines of event code.” Saïd Hini, CEO and Founder of Loyer Express, an online rent processing company Complete …

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Data Virtualization, One Secure REST API

Webinar on Data Virtualization Today’s apps need access to multiple data sources.  Espresso introduces an easy way to create single REST API with logic and security. In this webinar on Data Virtualization, you will learn how to create a complete REST …

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espresso webinar-angularjs

Webinar – Calling AngularJS developers

Calling AngularJS developers – How I created backend for a chat application in a day 2PM EST 11AM EST   Michael Holleran, an AngularJS engineer, was tasked with developing a frontend and backend for a simple chat application.  He is …

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Code Examples – Git Hub Page

Code Examples – Git Hub Page There are many sample applications and code examples created by our engineers and customers. You can reach our Git Hub page at https://github.com/EspressoLogicCafe/. On this page some of the samples include: Windows C-Sharp Demo Banking …

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Webinar Recording – From specs to app: 10X faster using reactive programming business rules

From specs to app: 10X faster using reactive programming  business rules Details of the Webinar from Espresso Logic :   What if there was a way to: Make application specifications directly executable Make these apps scalable Run in the cloud …

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Webinar Recording – Create one API that “joins” MongoDB and SQL data in minutes

Are you developing applications in MongoDB but still need to integrate with SQL data? Espresso Logic now brings MongoDB and SQL together in a unified REST API. You can now define ‘joins’, with an easy point-and-click interface, between MongoDB and …

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Executable Requirements for Business Analysts

  This white paper is targeted at Business Analysts who understand application logic and data modeling and may or may not be programmers themselves. This paper discusses how Espresso can empower you to deliver running prototypes in hours.  It accomplishes …

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How to prepare for Connected Enterprise using REST Technology

How to Prepare For the Connected Enterprise Using REST

This white paper addresses: What is REST? Why use REST for database access? Requirements for a REST service that connects to databases and other systems Criteria for selecting a REST services platform After reading this paper, you will you know how ...

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Reactive Programming Vs SQL Trigger Vs Java – Code Example

This is a mid-size paper published originally in Slashdot and provides a sample application developed using Reactive Programming, SQL Triggers and Java/Hibernate. It is targeted at Software Developers Software Managers Here is an excerpt: Due to the expressive power of …

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Reactive Programming Streamlines Manufacturing Process

“With traditional programming, adding new business rules is an unmanageable nightmare of analyzing rule interactions, code revisions and retests. Espresso enabled us to develop custom application in record time against an Oracle database and the application is really quick  to …

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REST API for Multiple Databases in Days

“It is hard to believe how fast Espresso enabled us to get up and running with a secure RESTful API to our data. We now use Espresso for applications that mash up data from multiple databases. Next, we look forward …

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Faster Deployment of Mobile Backend for an iOS App

“Faced with the daunting task of developing a server solution for handling sensitive information, and having very little time to implement it, I was very happy to discover that Espresso could automate most of the work for me! Getting started ...

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Getting Started Videos

Overview (2:07)  This is a brief overview of Espresso service. Espresso Logic: Show Me // Connect (4:29)  How to connect to your database, use the RESTlab to verify the default API and run Live Browser. Connect   // Live Browser  (4:23) ...

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Example of Reactive Chaining

Reactive Programming for Database – A Technical Overview

This is a mid-size paper and provides a technical overview of the reactive programming technology and is targeted at Software Developers Software Architects Software Managers Here is an excerpt: Reactive Programming concepts have been around for a long time and …

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Live Browser documentation

With Live Browser you can explore, interact with and modify data from any enterprise databases – without any programming. Live Browser provides an instant out-of-the-box HTML5 user interface for navigating the entire database in a master/detail format. Click here for …

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Live API documentation

Live API provides the fastest RESTful API available for your data.It provides enterprise-class capabilities along with fine grain access control to speed your mobile and cloud applications. Click here for Live API documentation

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Live Logic documentation

Live Logic enables developers to accelerate business logic development and maintenance. Live Logic provides the combination of server-side JavaScript, reactive programming rules, an extension to JavaScript as well as an out-of-the-box object and event model. Click here for the Live Logic …

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The C in ACID – Consistency in Database

This is a small-size paper published originally in Slashdot and provides a discussion on the C in ACID;  the consistency in Database transactions. It is targeted at Software Developers Software Managers Here is an excerpt: This paper addresses the question …

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Why Reactive is awesome for Databases

This is a mid-size paper published originally in Slashdot and provides a technical overview of the technology and is targeted at Software Developers Software Architects Here is an excerpt: Building on many lessons learned from spreadsheets, functional languages and model-driven …

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Executable Cocktail Napkin

An Executable Cocktail Napkin

This is a short paper providing a quick overview of the technology and is targeted at Software Managers Business Analysts Here is an excerpt: For decades, business executives have been bewildered why a 5 line specification – that could almost …

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Espresso Intro Video

This brief animation is an introduction to the Espresso service.

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