Getting Started Videos

Overview (2:07)  This is a brief overview of Espresso service.

Connect (4:29)  How to connect to your database, use the RESTlab to verify the default API and run Live Browser.


Live Browser  (4:23)  Discover the key features including data driven apps and master detail navigation


Live API (3:27)  Discover how to define custom, document-oriented resource endpoints and connect to external systems.

Live API Security (2:54)  Learn about role-based security – controlling endpoint access, and enforcing row / column access

Live Logic (6:44)  Learn about the Espresso object model, and how to use Java Script Events along with Reactive Rules to define business logic for POST, PUT and DELETE requests.

Live Browser update (1:37)  Learn how Live Browser handles updates and can help in testing Live Logic.

Integration (2:53)  This video provides several examples of the Espresso Live logic and Live API.

Operations (4:24)  Learn about logging, debugging and project import and export.

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