Live Browser is a web-enabled application for prototyping, testing and data maintenance applications. Business logic and security is always enforced using Espresso’s REST API. Live Browser is an HTML5 application with full read/update support that connects to your data. LB-position Live Browser fills the gap between existing tools and custom hand-built front end apps. Live Browser dynamically creates pages in response to changes in the data, logic or security. This enables immediate testing, prototyping and data maintenance applications to support changing business requirements.


Use Cases

Data-Driven HTML5 Apps

Developers & Business Analysts

Just point to your database and a mobile HTML5 application is ready for you to use. No coding, logic and security enabled, ready in seconds.

Prototyping & Testing

Developers & Business Analysts

Flesh out and validate user requirements by illustrating application behavior with full add/edit/delete capabilities and logic execution.

Schema Exploration

The Development Team

For navigating the database to understand the structure and content of your data for new and existing applications.

Data Management

Data Managers & Testers

Review, update and correct ‘bad’ data with security and logic enforced. Create test data for your application with no need to write SQL queries.



Out-of-the-box UI

Once Espresso connects to the database, Live Browser is up and running.  You get a HTML5 compatible application with a search panel, form section and a child detail grid. You can hide or show any section as needed.

In Sync with Schema

As you make changes to the database, Live Browser stays in sync. Its behavior is governed by the schema and not code. Database changes are reflected immediately.



Logic-enabled Updates

As you add business rules using Live Logic, you are able to instantly view the results of sums, counts, formulas, and validations in the Live Browser.  Changes to data are reflected on screen much like spreadsheet recalculations. Constraint and error messages appear as popup dialogs.

Integrated Security

Live Browser can connect to your existing corporate authentication system to limit access to data and content.  Espresso Logic also provides additional role based security to further limit read/insert/update/delete, specify tables for each role and limit columns and row level access.


Automatic Joins

When you look at data represented by a key to another table, Espresso displays the column from the parent or child that best describes that data. For example if a table has a customer number field (273453), then Espresso will display the name field in the related table (Acme Industries). You have the option, at any time, to change the joins field(s) displayed.

Enhance and Extend

Live Browser author mode provides a way to customize the look and feel (style sheets), labels, formats, widget types, column selections, display style (grid, scalar, master/detail), and column ordering in grids. Create the exact layout without leaving the app.



Powerful Search

Live Browser enables you to search on any combination of fields in database tables. Simply select the field you want to query and enter criteria.

Schema Discovery & Drill down

Use Live Browser to navigate your database schema – understand tables, columns and their relationships. You can navigate and drill down to any of the child tables.

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