What is Live API?

Live API creates an instant REST/JSON API to your database tables, views and stored procedures. In minutes, extend and enhance your API with new complex REST endpoints which include the industry’s first no-compile business rules, security, filtering, pagination, optimistic locking, service integration, and much more. The API provides for easy integration with SQL and NoSQL databases, enterprise systems and REST/SOAP services.

REST API for SQL database video


REST/JSON API for SQL Databases in Seconds

Espresso provides a default REST/JSON API as soon as you register your database. Espresso introspects the database schema and creates a RESTful end-point for each table, view and stored procedure. You then quickly create  new a custom API with multiple tables using a point and click approach. Select the tables you want and Espresso will evaluate the foreign keys to create the JOINs for you. You can build very rich complex REST endpoints with multiple children, in turn each with their own children.


Business Rules integrated with REST APIs

Espresso’s reactive programming approach uses business rules to replace hand-written code for update logic – we call it Live Logic. These no-compile rules map to requirements and are easily changed to keep pace with business change. An object model with server-side JavaScript is available for extending the rules and creating new business logic as needed. REST APIs created with Espresso enforce business logic and security on every transaction. 



Enterprise Class API

Out of the box, Live API includes the following:

  • Optimistic locking
  • Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Authorization (API key)
  • Custom client parameters


Fine Grain API Control

Espresso supports both projection and aliasing. By merely clicking on the column names you are able to limit the columns that are available in new resource endpoints. Aliasing enables you to rename table and column names to more descriptive user-friendly names. You end up with new REST endpoints shaped just the way you want; ready for client development.


Live API for Multiple Data Sources

What if you want to create an API that spans multiple databases, even from multiple vendors?  With Espresso, a few lines of JavaScript or SQL are all you need to connect to multiple databases. Espresso will create a Live API for these REST endpoints for use within any front end application.


REST API for Stored Procedures

Each stored procedure is automatically a REST-enabled endpoint.  Espresso supports stored procedure updates as well as those that return multiple result sets. Leverage your existing investment in logic and create REST endpoints with no programming.


Object and Event Model

Espresso creates a complete object model from your schema.  A JavaScript object is created for each table, view, stored procedure and custom resource providing access to objects and attributes.  Accessing related data  is automated. Espresso provides transaction bracketing for data integrity. A rich event model enables you to centralize business logic with simple handlers for PUT, POST and DELETE.


Security and Access Control

Espresso provides role and row/column level security that can be configured with a point and click interface. You can use your own authentication mechanism or use the one provided by Espresso to identify users’ roles. Roles are then associated with permissions to define which REST endpoints are exposed to which users along with read and writes privileges.



Built-in Testing

Test your API with the included REST Lab. Evaluate the JSON request and response in real time. Submit a transaction and trace through parameter driven logs. You can work with the JSON directly, use the table view grid or the Live Bowser for immediate testing

Video showing REST integration with different apps

Integration with other systems

Espresso fits seamlessly into your enterprise architecture. It is a complete middle-tier service built on a standard REST architecture; designed to integrate with other common services. You can incorporate ESBs, workflow engines, APIs to packaged applications as well as access to proprietary data sources – there really is no limit to what you can build.


Integration with API Management

Espresso creates standard REST/JSON APIs that are easily managed by third party API management tools such as Mashery (Intel), Layer 7 (CA) and Apigee.


Databases Supported

Espresso supports the following databases:

  • MySQL Database version 5.0 and higher
  • Oracle Database version 10.2 and higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server version 2005 and higher
  • Windows Azure SQL

PostgreSQL is coming in the near term and so are other databases. Let us know if you need access to other SQL Databases.



Deployment Options – On-premise or in the Cloud

Espresso supports existing databases in the cloud or on premise, or alternatively, we can create one for you. Various deployment options include the following:

  • Existing database in the cloud – simply point to its URL
  • Existing database on premise – most customers use a reverse SSH tunnel to securely access their database behind the firewall. Espresso offers a utility to facilitate this capability when you are ready.
  • New cloud database – if you want to create a new cloud database, Espresso can provision one for you.
  • On premise software appliance – for sites not able to use other methods, Espresso offers this option.