What is Instant Enterprise REST?

Unlike approaches that simply “restify” your schema, we create Enterprise-class APIs.  Unique declarative technology means you can deliver the backend half of your system in 1/10 the time and cost.  Simple as 1-2-3…

Just connect to create a default API for each table, view, procedure.

Enterprise class – filtering, sorting, pagination, optimistic locking.

We have tested to thousands of transactions per second.

Point and Click Custom API.  Client development begins in minutes.

Integrate Multiple Data Sources – databases, REST, NoSQL, ERP.

Exchange RESTful documents – on-premise, with partners.

Enforce integrity with server side JavaScript and declarative Rules.

Spreadsheet-like rules are 40X more concise.  Game changer.

Row / column level security by table/role expressions.

How it’s Extensible

Declarative provides the Business Agility, provided within an Architecture that fits and leverages your existing systems.

Espresso is a war file.  Runs in the cloud, on-premise appliances, or your own web/app container.

Connect to databases in the cloud, or on-premise.

Create your API with a standard Browser – nothing to install.

Standard language for rules and events.  Automatic Object Model.

Full access to Java/JavaScript running inside the JVM.  Load your own libraries. No boundaries.

Access external systems, via REST, SOAP, or proprietary protocols.

Use existing enterprise systems to Authenticate users.

Pluggable – existing modules (Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, etc),  or your own.

One More Thing

We\’re mainly about APIs, but dramatic Business Agility comes with the ability to touch your data.  You get this  instantly, just by connecting.  A perfect complement to your high-end UI tool(s).

arrows-on-screen-shots-home-page-600Responsive HTML5 User Interface, created instantly from your schema.

Zero coding / HTML.  Totally automatic.

Use the Live Browser for:

  • Exploring your data
  • Prototypes that engage – live, editable data
  • Back Office Data Maintenance

See a project in 3 minutes

Weekend Project.  Enabled.

Eliminate your cookie cutter code, due to the combination of Instant API, Spreadsheet-like Rules and Live Browser.

So now, you can create a small project such as shown at left, in hours.  And still have time for the weekend.

Agility that scales to the Enterprise.

Instant Enterprise REST

So that\’s Espresso:

  • Create Enterprise-class APIs that scale, integrate and enforce your business policy
  • Instant, using unique Declarative technology for Business Agility, with automated quality
  • Extensible Architecture ensures you have the flexibility to address arbitrary problems, and leverage your existing software and systems.

The key is declarative, resolving the seeming contradiction between Enterprise depth and agility, delivered in an extensible architecture to ensure no boundaries.

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Watch how to create a Rich Enterprise API in 5 minutes:

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