Why Espresso?


Accelerate Application Delivery

When you connect to your database, Espresso instantly creates a RESTful API for all database objects. It also creates a data-driven HTML5 application using a master-detail format. Live Logic uniquely combines the flexibility of JavaScript with the power of Espresso’s JavaScript reactive programming extensions.

API, UI, and Logic – no one can do it faster!


Respond Faster to Business Change

Are you continually struggling to modify applications in response to business change? With Live Logic, your specifications are executable – change them and dependencies, ordering and optimizations are handled for you. You can now partner with business users and respond to business change with unprecedented speed.



Enterprise Ready

Espresso delivers the performance, security and flexibility needed by departmental level to enterprise systems.  Application performance is optimized over the network and database. Advanced role-based row/column security ensures your data is secure. Espresso can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and integrates easily with existing systems.