Mobile, web and integration apps need REST APIs. These often traverse across data sources including SQL, MongoDB and enterprise systems. Creating an API is difficult and time consuming, especially when you consider business logic and security.


Espresso’s backend-as-a-service is the fastest way to  create REST APIs that span across multiple data sources. Using our unique reactive programming approach, Espresso enables developers to write clear and concise business rules to define logic and specify fine grain security – 10x faster than other approaches. The result is secure and adaptable working mobile and web apps in days instead of weeks.

Why Espresso?

Faster development with Espresso Live API

Robust APIs Developed in Minutes

Consider a requirement for an app where customer data resides in one SQL database, sales data in another and social network data in MongoDB. Espresso’s Live API provides a fast way to create a REST API that provides real-time data across various data sources without copying. It is an enterprise-class API with pagination, filtering, sorting and much more.

business rules for Espresso Logic

Business Rules For Changing Applications

Espresso’s reactive programming approach, Live Logic, uses business rules to replace hand-written code for update logic. These no-compile rules map to requirements and are easily changed to keep pace with business change. An object model with server-side JavaScript is available for extending the rules and creating new business logic as needed.

business rules for Espresso Logic

security and access control in espresso logic

Fine Grain Access Control, So You Can Sleep at Night

Espresso integrates with your enterprise authentication system including Microsoft Azure AD, LDAP and Stormpath. Espresso ensures fine grain role-based security is enforced on every REST API access.

deployment options for Espresso

Deploy Anywhere

Your data, along with the Espresso service, can be located anywhere – in the public cloud, on a private cloud or on premise. We provide services on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and as a VMWare appliance for your private cloud.

deployment options for Espresso

scalability of Espresso Logic

Designed for Scalability

The Espresso service is optimized for networked applications – reducing network traffic, database load and CPU cycles. It runs as a dedicated instance for every customer and is scaled by adding instances, increasing virtual machine size and adding load balancing and failover services.

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Live Browser – Data Editing and Navigation

Live Browser provides out-of-the-box application for prototyping, testing and data maintenance.  Live Browser connects using the REST-enabled Live API so business logic and security is always enforced. It is an HTML5 application with full read/update support created by just connecting to your database.

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