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Business logic using reactive programming and JavaScript


Role-based row and column security by form


Performance optimized to reduce network traffic and SQL queries


Integrates with any front-end

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Secure Data Access


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Speed Time-to-market


20X Saving With Reactive Programming


Extend with JavaScript


Reduced Maintenance


Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premise


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Testimonials From Our Customers

Planning Application

“When we migrated the planning application onto Espresso, we found the combination of rules and JavaScript business logic events brought us unparalleled agility and flexibility. It is amazing how fast we are going!”
Joseph Hu, Rulemeister

Mobile Social Service Application

“Faced with the daunting task of developing a server solution for handling sensitive information, and having very little time to implement it, I was very happy to discover that Espresso could automate most of the work for me! Getting started was simple too, as the only thing I needed to do was sign up for an account and voila – an instant REST environment.”
Nico teWinkel, Project Nocturne

Risk Management Application

“We are looking for speed and flexibility, and no other technology provides the capability to build RESTful services for SQL with logic and security so fast. We think Espresso is at least an order of magnitude faster.“
Harlan Budd, First Glass Technologies