Create Instant Enterprise RESTful APIs

Unlike SQL-pass-through approaches that build flat, single schema anemic APIs, Espresso creates Enterprise APIs that scale, integrate multiple data sources, and enforce your business policy.  Instantly, using unique declarative technology.


Out of the box pagination, nested documents to reduce latency, etc.

We’ve tested to thousands of transactions / sec.


Integrate multiple data sources – SQL, NoSQL, ERP.

Exchange RESTful documents with internal / partner systems.


Enforce integrity with server side JavaScript and declarative Rules.

Enforce security down to the row and column instance level.

Instant… Declarative.

Espresso is uniquely declarative, so you can create rich backends in 1/10 the time and cost.  That’s half your system. You get strategic business agility in time to market and response to change.

API Creation

Point and click to create multi-database APIs.

Client development begins literally within minutes.


Amazingly 40X more concise, rules address over 95% of your complex, multi-table backend logic.

That’s unprecedented.

Live Browser

HTML interfaces instantly.  No code, no screen painting.

Data Maintenance, and prototypes that connect with Business Users.

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Watch how to create a Rich Enterprise API in 5 minutes:

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  1. Usage: some basic screen shots.
  2. Architecture: scaling, deployment, extensibility
  3. Key Features:
    1. Integration
    2. Enforcement
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